Will be my new roommate good for me? 
Mala Asia at 22:09 on 2013-09-07
Once I read: " Do not judge package only from the wrapping. You must open it. Sometimes inside can be a pleasent suprise. Dig deeper".
Outside things could be unattractive or even unpleasant, digg deeper, and follow your heart.
serendipity1712 at 05:09 on 2013-09-09
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How do i keep my inner strength strong? 
gogol at 15:06 on 2013-06-27
The Universe is taking care of everything else.
You do not need to do anything. Relax and swim in the ocean of consciousness. All you need will come in the most perfect moment. Not too early, not too late, it will come at the most appropriate time.
Sometimes the waiting time seems so long. But everything has its own process. Creation begins first inside and then outside.
Today I saw a bird in my garden singing to me a song of creation.
Hugs dear soul...
dominicana at 16:06 on 2013-06-27
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