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What should I do about A? 
user5015 at 20:05 on 2019-05-11
Don't be afraid. Open yourself to new possibilities. Have faith in people.
Dee at 20:05 on 2019-05-11
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Dali je dobro, da iznajmimo malu kucicu u gradu. Vec smo jo videli. Ima napolju više prostora (bašta) a manje unutrašnjog. Ja i dvoje dece i pas. 
L'erique at 13:04 on 2019-04-05
Give it up. I feel like that's not meant for you but you'll get something/someone better.
titli at 12:04 on 2019-04-06
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Am I the right person, partner for A. And is this in our futures? But also as the greatest Good for her, her and me and all of us involved,is it in the greatest Good Of everything? 
pollywantsacracker at 11:07 on 2018-07-29
Yes,it is,you do...
Soon,very soon, it will be all here and clear without any other question/s..
GO for IT!
Bamboo at 05:07 on 2018-07-31
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Will I learn more about life whit polyamory ? 
Canja at 13:04 on 2018-04-05
When you trust somebody from your deepest heart, you can't do any mistake. Everything is balanced, fear and doubts are completely out.
Nada Nada at 22:04 on 2018-04-05
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should i get a cat? 
njana at 11:12 on 2017-12-10
Hey there :) Answer is yes. Do it. Even if in the beginning doesn't look like you expected. At the end it will be the good experience and it will make you happy.
Unbeliever at 07:12 on 2017-12-11
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I have an offer to work in politics. Should I listen to my feelings that say that im not ready yet and decline the offer? 
Fisto at 16:03 on 2017-03-13
You cannot make any progress if you don't really want it to happen. Whether it is something somebody else wants instead of you (but not really you) or is it that the fear (of change) inside of you is greater then the wish it to happen, in both cases you won't manage to "score" whatever you are currently pursuing.
If there is at least a small amount of Intention, the things will start to roll.
Relax, make a pause and think really deeply what is that you really want. If it is still the thing you are trying to accomplish now, then think are you really ready for it, now?
If you find that your current goal is not really something that YOU want, then move along and focus all your energy to find out what is that you really want.
If you still want to accomplish your current goal, then the last cause for your failure is your own fear of change. And that's the smallest problem here. ;-)
I wish your light & consciousness in your path! :-D
zemljanin9 at 16:03 on 2017-03-14
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Is it over now with her or should I try again? 
big-blue at 19:09 on 2016-09-29
Enjoy the wild dance ;) And you'l be fine ;)
Unbeliever at 20:09 on 2016-09-29
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Whom should I choose? One who I don't like as much but he likes me, or the one I really like, but I'm not sure if he likes me back? 
user4557 at 19:09 on 2016-09-14
When I connect, I sense some anger and frustration.
You know when people ask you for advice but then they do what they intended in the first place regardless? This is the impression I get :-)
Good luck!
natasag at 10:09 on 2016-09-15
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Should I approach S. more openly during next month? 
Actor at 05:07 on 2015-07-27
Be nice. Try to be even nicer to those closest to you. Should be enough.
sukra at 09:07 on 2015-07-27
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Is it running good for me? 
Unbeliever at 21:05 on 2015-05-29
"How about I let you go?", said James as he took a sip from a glass filled with 10 year old scotch. The woman next to him shivered as he put his strong hand on her thy, squeezing and stroking her leg slowly. Nick wondered what would happen if he was to jump out of his chair and run out of the office. Could he run fast and far enough before the goons get him.
sweet at 07:05 on 2015-05-30
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